Phoenix Rising Ceremonies



Weddings / Renewals

You MUST fill out a contract and questionnaire. If I do not receive a questionnaire within 2 weeks of the ceremony, I will email you the link. If I still don't have one the week of the ceremony, you will get a standard, traditional ceremony with no customization.

Prison Weddings

You MUST be filled out. The questionnaire is optional with a $35 fee. All prison weddings are the same (either religious or non-religions based on the contract). Only the names change. I do this to keep it short as some units allow you to visit for a brief time afterwards.

Ceremony Help

Today, many couples want to ask Uncle Joe, Aunt Kate or the best friend to perform their ceremony. That person can then go online to get ordained either for free or sometimes with a slight cost.

Reschedule / Cancel

Add more detail about this service, such as benefits, appearance, components, or capabilities.