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Baby Naming/Christening

As an officiant, I create many different types of ceremonies. One of those is a Baby Naming ceremony (or what some call Christening). Many families today aren't religious, but would still like to share a celebration of their new baby or babies. This ceremony is a great way to include family, friends and loved ones in this celebration. This is also typically the time the Guide-parents will be named.

  • These ceremonies are completely customized with wording to suit your family. They can also include readings, music, blessings, prayers, readings from the bible or favorite book/poem. This ceremony is about the promises parents and guide-parents will make to your baby, while sharing well wishes, blessings, and support. These ceremonies usually include the reason the child's name was chosen.

  • A guide-parent is someone who you will entrust with raising your child(ren) if anything should happen to both parents. They also promise to provide a loving influence on your child and sanctuary in times of difficulty at any time during the child's life.

  • These ceremonies can be held anywhere: backyard, venue, special location. Basically anywhere that is a safe environment for your child.

  • Ceremonies held in the counties of Montgomery, NW Harris, Waller are $250. Outside of this area, there will be a travel fee.

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